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Diversity & Divergency

Brexit means Crexit

I’ve always hated the term Brexit. But I’m not a fan of portmanteau words in general. You can keep your ‘infomercials’, ‘edutainment’ and ‘dramedies’. But linguistic foibles aside, I...
Personal Creativity

The discipline of free thought

Discipline. Freedom of thought. Two apparently contradictory concepts that, when it comes to innovation, are more synergistic than separate. Throughout history, the notion of creativity has been associated with...
Personal Creativity

Looking for inspiration? Just search for it.

Over the years, technology has transformed how we execute ideas. When I started as a musician in the late 80s, I worked in recording studios with racks of effects, expensive...
Corporate Creativity

When to murder your ideas

Good creative teams have innovative and brilliant ideas. Great creatives know when an idea has run its course and needs to die. For everyone’s sake. When ideas are plentiful,...
Open for Ideas

Open for Ideas