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Corporate Creativity

Keep Your Sole Forever Young

This is an extract from Iconic Advantage by Soon Yu and (our founder) Dave Birss. It’s already a best-seller on Amazon. And you can get your hands on the...
Diversity & Divergency

Brexit means Crexit

I’ve always hated the term Brexit. But I’m not a fan of portmanteau words in general. You can keep your ‘infomercials’, ‘edutainment’ and ‘dramedies’. But linguistic foibles aside, I...
Corporate Creativity

It’s harder to unpick things when they go wrong

Our Silicon Beach interview specials continue. This time with Peter Smithson from Kingston Smith accountants, who specialise in entrepreneurial and creative businesses. I caught up with him to find...
Personal Creativity

The discipline of free thought

Discipline. Freedom of thought. Two apparently contradictory concepts that, when it comes to innovation, are more synergistic than separate. Throughout history, the notion of creativity has been associated with...
Corporate Creativity

The CV is getting a little outdated

Last year at Silicon Beach, I managed to catch up with Martin Pardey from Hays Recruitment, who were one of the sponsors, to talk about creativity and recruitment. I wanted to...
Open for Ideas

Open for Ideas