In 2010 IBM’s annual study of CEOs reported that the skill they sought most was creativity. Not organisation or timeliness or the ability to fill in a time sheet. Creativity. Surprising isn’t it?

But experts can’t even agree what creativity is.

On one side you get a whole load of mystical fluff. Delicate artistes often talk about muses and pseudo-spiritual nonsense that simply makes everyone else feel like an unworthy mortal. This kind of claptrap is unhelpful at best and downright harmful at worst.

On the other side you have valuable scientific research that unveils wonderful stuff about the brain but doesn’t move beyond the academic to the practical.

And that’s what this site is about.

It’s about opening up creativity for everyone. It’s about sharing practical skills and techniques so that we can all get better at coming up with ideas. It’s about sharing the most sought-after business skill with the world.

We aim to always be practical and fact-based. And promise never to tell you how to ‘seduce your muse’.

Welcome to Open for Ideas.