Open for Ideas is a new thing. No one does it full-time. But here are the people who make it possible.

Dave Birss
Founder & Editor

Dave Birss - the founder of Open for IdeasDave’s entire career has revolved around creativity. He’s been a musician, a stand-up comedian, a breakfast show DJ, an illustrator, a film director and an advertising creative.

He believes creativity is a skill that everyone should develop. And he’s on a mission to debunk the lies and bullshit that surround the topic.

That’s what Open for Ideas is all about.

A few years ago, he wrote A User Guide to the Creative Mind which is now on the recommended reading list of the world’s top advertising courses.

In 2015 his six-part documentary series, The Day Before Tomorrow, was broadcast in the UK.

These days he spends his time speaking at conferences all over the world, writing books, consulting and making films.

He’s a Scotsman married to an American of Haitian parentage living in London and travelling the world.

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Special Advisors:

rede-profile-photo-lowresRelja Dereta

Relja trains people on public speaking, argentine tango and activism. And uses all three for a unique method of how to do, talk and dance your way through most situations. He’s been invaluable in shaping Open for Ideas into what it currently is.

Find out more about Relja here.

simonpic_alt2Simon White

Simon helps brands, agencies and organisations innovate, adapt and thrive. He does that through a blend of workshop techniques, to draw the best from your internal teams, and good old conceptual and strategic thinking. It was Simon who delivered the spark that turned Open for Ideas into a much bigger thing than it initially was.

Find out more about Simon’s company, Formation, here.

Aran Rees

Aran is more than just a contributor to Open for Ideas; he’s a sounding board, an encouragement and a visionary. He writes a weekly column that gets brilliant feedback from readers. And he’s constantly coming up with ideas for what we should do. He’s the brains behind our Focal Point activities and the voice of reason for everything else.

Find out more about Aran’s company, Sabre Tooth Panda, here.