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Corporate Creativity

The CV is getting a little outdated

Last year at Silicon Beach, I managed to catch up with Martin Pardey from Hays Recruitment, who were one of the sponsors, to talk about creativity and recruitment. I wanted to...

We need to design less stuff

A couple of months ago, the brilliant Pete Trainor from Nexus wrote a great article on how to create for chatbots. Before he wrote that article, the two of...
Personal Creativity

Looking for inspiration? Just search for it.

Over the years, technology has transformed how we execute ideas. When I started as a musician in the late 80s, I worked in recording studios with racks of effects, expensive...
Personal Creativity

What AI can teach us about generating ideas

The tech sector is spending an awful lot of energy and resources developing Artificial Intelligence and the media are lapping up this brave new world. We’re seeing self-driving cars,...
Open for Ideas

Open for Ideas