You can still book our ‘Beyond the Brainstorm’ workshop

We ran a week-long competition to win a ‘Beyond the Brainstorm’ workshop with Additive. That’s come to an end now. But you can still get 20% off the workshop if you subscribe to our newsletter.

Over 50 years of research into brainstorming shows that it isn’t very effective. You can find lots of reasons why in one of our articles.

But group creativity isn’t a bad thing. There’s lots of knowledge, experience and creativity in your existing team. Additive’s ‘Beyond the Brainstorm‘ workshop is focused on showing you more effective ways of releasing all of that to solve problems more effectively. You can find out more about it on the Additive site. And you can get 20% off if you sign up to our newsletter.

Plus get a free copy of A User Guide to the Creative Mind

When your job depends on you coming up with ideas on demand, you can sometimes do with a little help. This book was written to help advertising creatives come up with more ideas, better ideas and a broader range of ideas. But it’s been used by people from lots of different industries to aid their creative thinking. It’s easy to read and designed to be dipped into just when you need it.




It was written by Dave Birss, a former advertising Creative Director and the founder of Open for Ideas. Here’s what other top advertising creatives had to say about it:

“Lucid and useful. Written with economy. Next time you get stuck, use it to get unstuck.”
Alan Young & Julian Vizard – Creative Partners, St. Luke’s
“The business world really needs to understand creativity. And Dave has got a ton of good stuff to add to the debate.”
Steve Henry – Co-founder of Decoded & legendary Creative Director of HHCL
“Dave Birss rubbishes the notion that great ideas are ‘plucked from the air’. His book looks at where ideas come from and shows how to boost our ‘creativity’. He should charge a lot of money for it.”
Lee Tan – Executive Creative Director, McCann
“The genius of this book is to debunk the myth that somehow the act of creation in whatever form is not a discipline. In my experience the greatest producers of all and any creativity I’ve encountered are as disciplined in the pursuit of their craft as an athlete is in the pursuit of their chosen sport.”
Jim Thornton – Creative Director, VCCP

The book has already sold thousands of copies and is on the reading list of many of the world’s top advertising courses. But you can get a PDF of the entire book for free just by signing up to the Open for Ideas weekly roundup email.

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